Bitter Melon Extract Found to Block Breast Cancer

Researchers at the University of Colorado and Saint Louis University recently conducted a study on bitter melon extract. Researchers found that the bitter melon extract appeared to block the growth and stimulate the death of cancerous cells that have been found to cause breast cancer in women. Taking this extract orally could potentially help women take their health into their own hand and prevent breast cancer. This innovation would completely revolutionize cancer research and treatment worldwide.

Bitter melon, more commonly known as wild cucumber, comes from the plant Momordica charantia, a vine plant that grows in the tropical and subtropical regions around the world. In Asia, China, and the Caribbean, the fruit is commonly used to treat diabetes and various other infections. It has been used by the native tribes for centuries.

After performing various tests, researchers found that the melon extract suppresses cell division signals, as well as, steps signals leading to programmed cell death, called apoptosis. Follow-up studies are currently being conducted with a wider variety of cell lines. Researchers are also looking towards preliminary trials in human patients with breast cancer.

They are looking at adding an oral dosage of the wild cucumber extract to current treatments such as chemotherapy in order to advance results. There is still not enough evidence that the melon extract alone can prevent cancer; however, it is a positive step towards such treatments for the future. Researchers are staying optimistic and look forward to revolutionizing cancer treatments with the help of the bitter melon extract.

Source by Emily Hutchens


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