Bringing Peaceful Communications Skills to the World – World Empathy Day

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Communication Skills that CAN Help Bring Peace to Your World

What is World Empathy Day (WEday)? It is simply a day that is celebrated each Wednesday Wednesday with increased thought for communication, compassion with others and self, understanding and forgiveness.

Empathy, as Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication has stated, is a deep understanding what another may be experiencing. That person can also be ourselves. Empathic listening helps to develop trust, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, anger / stress management and increased positive energy. It is a powerful communication skill either for business or personal relationships.

Offering empathic listening is simple and easy to learn. It is only 2 questions. We "guess" what the other person's feelings and needs may be. You also set the intention to want to understand the other person and also for yourself to be understood. If a person is angry these 2 questions might calm the person down in seconds. It really is amazing to observe. Participants of WEday receive brief weekly communication skills training help support this consciousness.

Why We Need World Empathy Day?

Most people are empathy deprived. We do not receive the deeper understanding that we each need. Can you remember the last time you were listened to without a judgment, unasked for advice or a story that you really did not want to hear? This is a dysfunctional way to communicate that most of us practice. Wit empathy, we learn to understand the other person by focusing on their values ​​and what they are wanting to satisfy these needs.

Many times when we want to be listened to, the focus is forced away from you, and back to them. That is why most people never are really heard, deeply. The same goes with unasked for advice, as the person that wants to be heard is now focusing on the other person's inflating advice, instead of what they need to say. One way to alleviate going into fix-it language or unasked for advice giving is to ask the person if they would enjoy hearing advice or a suggestion. By asking, these builds trust between each other as the person now has more choice to decide.

As empathic listening skills are used, both people are understood deeply. Both people develop more positive energy to help get through the day with more calm and less stress. It is a way to charge our emotional batteries. These empathic listeners are changing the consciousness of the world by changing the way they peacefully interact with others

Empathic listening skills can be taught to everyone, even children as young as 4 years old can mediiate with their playmates and play in peace. Proactives from non-profit organizations to corporations to small groups of individuals have learned these skills in workshop. They have learned to interact with others in life-enriching ways. These are the communication skills that will be mainstream not just for the public but in the coming years for the business world. It is an easier and faster way to build a connection and trust with clients, customers or patients.

Who Are the Participants?

There are participants from all around the world. From California to India, Germany, Canada, Sri Lanka, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Indonesia, United States and so many more. All celebrating and uplifting their peaceful thinking and communication skills on Wednesdays.

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