Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

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The reason why many breast cancer patients detect their health condition too late is because they can’t feel any pain. As it becomes worse, some of the symptoms of breast cancer become apparent. If the symptoms are too obvious, you need to consult a doctor right away. Several tests are conducted to determine if a certain individual has the illness.

The most common symptoms of breast cancer are the following:

1. Very evident change in the size and shape of the breasts

2. Mass or lump found in armpits

3. The lump or mass is generally painless and firm but with no distinct borders; when touched, the lump or mass feels hard

4. Abnormal nipple discharge; the discharge appears like pus, yellow fluid, bloody, or greenish

5. The nipple changes in appearance, there are itchy sensations, or the nipple becomes retracted

6. Breast pain or discomfort and enlargement but usually on one side of the breast only

7. The nipple’s skin, the breast, or areola changes in color or feel; the veins are more accentuated and there is redness or scaly appearance; the breast is puckered or dimpled

8. The late stages include symptoms like bone pain, weight loss, arm swelling, and skin ulceration

Some people hardly even know that they are already experiencing the breast cancer symptoms. A breast that itches frequently or feels hot/warm when touched are considered dangerous and rare symptoms of the disease.

Inflammatory breast cancer is dangerous and many individuals discover this disease too late. Mammogram or self exams usually don’t detect this condition. Check if your breast is reddish in appearance because this is the very evident symptom of inflammatory cancer of the breast.

There are also women who mistake the orange peel appearance around their breast as cellulites and they are quite embarrassed to consult a doctor. If this is the case, you should not hesitate to visit your doctor right away.

The breasts usually become tender and increase a bit in size during menstruation. However, if the change in size happened in between menstruation periods, a visit to the hospital or clinic will do you good.

Women are not the only ones at risk but also men. Every year, more than 1600 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. The symptoms experienced by men include a lump, breast swelling and that of the nipples or chest wall, nipple discharge, the nipple becomes inverted, puckering or dimpling of the breast skin, and the breast skin appears dry, scaly, and reddish.

The ones mentioned above are the common symptoms of the disease. Again, take note that some of the symptoms are not evident especially during the early stages. It is advised that both men and women conduct self exams to determine if there are mass or lumps around the breast area. This is one of the best ways to detect the possibility of having the disease.

A great number of breast cancer patients die every year because they detected the condition during the late stages. There are various treatments available for breast cancer today. If you suspect you have breast cancer or you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of breast cancer, you must consult your doctor immediately so that the necessary tests can be performed to get accurate diagnosis. Once the right diagnosis is given, the doctor will now inform you about the treatment options that you can employ.

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