Female Genitals and Cancer

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Bleeding through vagina, in addition to her normal menstruation, or following intercourse (contact bleeding) in a 40-50 years old woman may be a signal of the cancer of the cervix. Other causes of contact bleeding are erosion of cervix, mucous polyp, etc. An immediate report to the gynecologist is important for an early diagnosis of a cancer lesion, if any.

Post-menopausal / intermenstrual bleeding through the vagina, may be a signal of the cancer of the body of the uterus. It usually occurs later in life, say, after menopause, but it can occur at a younger age as well.

Irregular bleeding through the vagina, around the age of 35-45, may be a signal indicating fibroid tumor of the uterus (benign). This will, in most of the cases, require surgical intervention. If neglected, though reliably infrequent, the possibility of a malignant change can not be ruled out. However, even a benign growth is very troublesome to the woman as she fees markedly run down due to irregular and / or excessive bleeding from the vagina.

Irregular bleeding through the vagina, usually during early pregnancy may be a signal of hydatidiform mole. It is a benign tumor in which the placenta is transformed into a large number of cysts which look like a bunch of grapes.

However, if spontaneous abortion Occurs, profuse bleeding may follow which should give a clue of the condition.

If timely action is not taken, ie, the disease remains undetected, a hydatidiform mole may follow chorionepithelioma which is one of the most malignant growths occurring in the body of the uterus. It may follow an abortion, or, in neglected cases, it may progress till the end of pregnancy / labor. In late cases, there is always a risk of the growth spreading and the disease may even prove fatal.

Although the Occurrence of a hydatidiform mole is not uncommon, one should not consider this condition straightway; other causes of bleeding through the vagina during the period of pregnancy must be given equal weightage to avoid unnecessary apprehension.

It is worthwhile to point out here that ultrasonography is important for early detection of various cancers, viz. of kidneys, urinary bladder, uterus (the most important being the cervix), testes, liver, gallbladder, prostate etc. Likewise upper gastrointestinal endoscopy is valuable for early diagnosis of various disorders of the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum. Similarly, colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy are useful for locating early lesions of the colon or of the rectum.

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