How I Beat Prostate Cancer – Self Awareness Was The Key

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Back in 2004 I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. I underwent radiation therapy and was finally tested as clear some 2 years later. I still test as completely normal.

The radiation was certainly a major factor, but my own attitude needed to completely change if I was to beat this potentially terminal illness.

Self awareness was the key I used to unlock myself from the prison of my false self images, negative conditioning and the numerous fears which were causing all my health problems.

I gradually came to accept that self awareness really does remove all the barriers which are holding us all back from achieving our goals in life and our ability to enjoy life to the full.

I had to learn the ability to see myself and like myself, just the way I really was. Not as I thought others may like to see me.

It took a lot of hard work by myself and a lot of inspired help from the wonderful people who helped me see life and living in a completely new way.

I was helped to give up all my favorite emotional crutches and re-evaluate my concepts and ideas of life itself.

And yet, I really did not give up anything that was of real value to me.

I found it was possible to obtain this wonderful state of self awareness without giving up anything more than the penalties, self doubts and fears which previously stopped me from being as creative or active as, deep down, I had always known I was capable of being .

Gradually, the possibility of gaining a new and healthy, perspective of life and living entered my life. And I found, for the first time in years, it became possible to enjoy life as I regained a sense of fun and humor.

I found it impossible to achieve self awareness all by myself, or even from books and lectures. I needed some help from people qualified and willing to assist. I was fortunate to get some real and practical help from some wonderful people.

I had to do all the work and gain the satisfaction of seeing the quality of my life improving.

But with a little help from my friends.

Over the coming weeks I want to share with you the benefits of the various relaxation and meditation techniques I have experienced, as well as some alternate ways to look at life and living.

You see, I believe it is impossible to achieve any permanent form of self treating without completely retraining your mind to a more positive and practical manner of understanding life and living.

Over many years, finally I was helped to piece together the jigsaw of many lifetimes and to heal the wounds and pain caused by some of the harder lessons I had to experience on my long journey back to the Light.

And finally, at long last, to stop that terrible, self destructive inner struggle.

And be healed.

And made whole again.

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