How Often Do You Update Your Address Book?

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Over the past 3 years half of my friends have moved away. Some only move a short way, like two streets or even just 2 or three doors down. The priority however move to a place which is too far for me to easily visit. Communication still continues between us, the only problem is that I have not got their new address and I've found it very difficult to update my address book.

This is not uncommon either. one in about five US Citizen transfer and move each year that goes by. That's a lot of people and a lot of moving. No wonder I've lost contact with a few people. In fact, I've been told off a couple of times for forgetting birthdays and anniversaries. As we're only in May now, I have a bit of time left to get these new addresses, so I can appease some upset friends with this years birthdays as well as seasonal cards, especially Christmas.

I do not have a clue about what to do. How to get these addresses? Not as easy as you might think. Easy in theory, not in practice. For a while I did everything manually, ringing round trying to find other people who might know someone else's address. Very difficult, time consuming and all it was really doing was giving me a headache and a large phone bill.

A couple of calls before I finished was a mate who gave me some advice. Why do not you use the internet. How ?, I asked. He did not really know himself but said that in his job, they could check people's details, as well as their address, to verify they had told the truth. He stated that there might be a facility like this for civilians like me. I gave it a go.

I still have about 3 addresses to go, but a minimum compared to the large amount I've accomplished. I found a useful tool, not expensive, and I'm cancelling once I'm done, but it's done the job.

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