How to Beat Cancer – Even If Mainstream Treatments Did not

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Cancer patients as a group typically have to suffer through months if not years of treating treatment. In far too many cases, after subjecting themselves to very unpleasant treatment protocols, they end up having to resign themselves to the fact that it did not work.

That is a very depressing reality and a dire predicament that a large number of cancer victims have to resign themselves to coping with. All that pain and suffering and still not cancer free.

What can they or should they do at that point when all seems lost? In most cases it comes back to how accepting they have become to their likely fate. Many spend their last months preparing for the inevitable by saying goodbye to loved ones. Many others attempt to complete their version of a "wish list." By trying to do as many things that they have long wanted to do but just could not find the time or motivation to get done.

Others go into a deep depression, withdraw into a shell and never quite come to terms with their fate. Yet, others choose to be very active participants in their outcome and are committed to try to somehow fight a war to the bitter end with their cancer.

This last group who seem to fervently believe in hope and self determination tend to be very aggressive at researching and trying to find information that will give them a real chance at beating their cancer. They know of and believe the existing stories of cancer victims who were determined to fight cancer to the bitter end and won!

Luckily enough for that group, over the last seventy years a treasure trove of good research has been done on cancer. Coming out of that research and clinical trials are some really good data that gives real hope. Unfortunately, the problem is, obtaining effective treatment protocols from the research lab into clinical trials and extremely to frontline doctors takes a very long time. In some instances a decade or longer. Most cancer victims do not have the luxury of waiting years for these new treatments to make it to the frontlines in the war against cancer. They are now measuring time in terms of months not years!

What if solid clinical and peer reviewed trials had been done that showed a cancer treatment protocol that was effective but for whatever reason had not made it into the hands of the front line physicians. Should that be a reason for real hope and celebration?

Well for those cancer victims who really want to be an advocate for their own salvation, there are many reasons to believe that seventy years of research has already given us the answers and solutions that are needed to defeat the enemy known as cancer. The only question that remains is "Where and how do I find it?"

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