Is Your Enlarged Prostate an Indication of Cancer?

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I get lots of questions from people wanting to learn more about prostate cancer. Among the many questions they ask, one that seems to be very common is whether or not an enlarged prostate is an indication of the disease. This article answers that prejudice question.

First things first, the answer is a big NO – an enlarged prostate is NOT ALWAYS an indication of cancer. Do not let anyone kid you otherwise. Instead you should work to get informed on this – learn the facts instead of accepting the opinions of people who might not really know what they are talking about.

Note that I said "NOT ALWAYS"; This means that there are certain times when enlarged prostate could just be an indication of cancer. Lots of prostate disease sufferers did have enlarged prostate; but of course, not all of the sufferers.

So – the point is that not everyone who has enlarged prostate has cancer; but anyone that has enlarged prostateought to be worried as they just might have the condition.

The only real way to know whether you have the cancer or not to go is the necessary tests. It's only after the tests that you can be sure whether you have the condition or not.

Most importantly, whether or not you have enlarged prostate, if you are above 40 years old you should make it a habit of consistently having tests, at least once a year. The best way to survive prostate cancer is early detection and this can only happen if you work hard on constantly watching out for the condition.

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