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During the time when I received inquiries from fellow Network marketers on building a home base business The subject of having very little money to start would always come up. By producing a report on "How to earn $ 1000 – $ 2000 in 24 hours or less" I had so many people emailing me for getting them up and running in there new home base business. Before all of this happened I was in that same position and I had to think on what would be the best solution for the issues that I was facing at the time.

After purchasing several products and trying different strategies, to no end I failed. Going back to the drawing table and restructuring my thoughts, I decided to write about what I knew about and spent another day planning on how to monetize it into my business. Before I knew it, I wrote what intended to be an article but ending up being a special report. I offered that report to my list for $ 6.00

I also provided provisions for anyone purchasing the special report to resell it using a link inside the report This would let them earn 100% of the commission that would have paid directly into their Paypal account.

That report has also generated well over 2000 back end sales that triggered in $ 22,000 after looking at the stats. I am sharing this with you because I want you to see that many of the very simple ideas that you read every day do work! That simple report went from noticing a problem that my clients had and myself at one time. Implementing the special report involved using an idea I got from reading a $ 7 e-book written by Don Morris. Don's e-book called "$ 7 Secrets" described how you could quickly and easily generate thousands of dollars for your business with simple short reports … using his script (which are included with the e-book) to power your sales process.

At this point you're probably wondering what made that special report such a success. Certainly, not all such reports do as well. Par of my secret is that I gave it the first big push by running a $ 20 ad on an Internet marketing discussion forum. I've run similar ad a number of times with great results. In fact, I even wrote a special report detailing how I did that.

The point of this article is to provide you with proof that many of the simple ideas that you read, or even think up yourself, can be very profitable. The only real secrets lie in the expression "nothing Happens Until Something Moves.

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