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There are a number of different factors to consider when deciding on the best Spanish program. Everyone is at a different level and has different learning styles, and therefore will approach their Spanish education in different ways. What's right for one person is not necessarily right for another, so in this article I'm going to show you a few things to think about to help you make up your own mind about how to choose the best Learn Spanish Program.


The price of Spanish programs can vary quite carefully and some have an all-inclusive program, while others let you purchase individual units depending on your level. You can save money by buying multiple units or an all-inclusive program, but basically it comes down to how much you can afford and are willing to spend. NOTE: Keep an eye out as some course providers have limited-time special offers, and you can save yourself a fair amount of money, sometimes as much as 50%.

Quality / Value For Money

What are you getting for your money? Are the materials easy to use and clearly designed? Is there any after-sales support provided? Some providers will send you regular updates, emails, bonus items and materials, or access to a forum where you can discuss any questions you may have in order to help you continue your Spanish education.

Type Of Product – Book / CDs / mp3s / Digital Download / Software / Internet Access

This will depend on how much time you are able to devote to learning Spanish and the environment in which you normally do your learning. For instance, people who do not need to have much time at home may prefer audio learning on CDs or mp3s as they're able to listen to them in the car, or on their iPod on the way to and from work. Some people prefer learning from a hard-copy book as they're able to make notes as they go along, while others prefer a software program that they use from their desktop or laptop. Perhaps if you only have a free lunchtime at work, then choosing a program with Internet access may be better for you.

Quality Of Teaching

Obviously choosing high quality teachers is the secret to any good education, particularly with languages. Make sure that the program you choose uses native Spanish speakers as you'll pick up all the important subtleties in the pronunciation. Also, make sure you decide wherever you want to learn mainland Spanish or Latin American Spanish, as the programs will be different, particularly in the accents of the speakers.

Testimonials / Student Success / Speed ​​Of Learning

Make sure that you do your research and see what other users / past students have to say about the programs you're looking at. See how long people took to get grips with the language and think how that may apply to you. Some programs will say that you can learn Spanish really fast, which can be done but but obviously will depend on your own ability and the amount of time you can devote to it. Do not rush anything, it's not a race. Just take your time and understand each step as you go along.

Money-Back / Other Guarantees

Most programs will give you money-back guarantees – some of around 6 months. This is highly important especially if you're buying over the internet. This way you can buy and try without any risk.

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