Prostate Cancer and Ejaculation – How to Benefit From Ejaculations

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This article discusses about the close relationship between prostate cancer and ejaculation activity. More frequent ejaculation may reduce a man's risk of cancer of prostate. One study demonstrated that men who ejaculated five times a week in their 20s had a reduced rate of the disease, although other studies have revealed no benefit. The results say the opposite to those of precedent studies, which have proposition that having a high frequency of sexual activity, raises the risk of the cancer by up to 40 percent.

The main difference is that these earlier studies defined sexual activity as sexual intercourse, while this study concentrated on the number of ejaculations, whether or not intercourse was concerned. Another study concluded in 2004 informed that "Most categories of ejaculation frequency were not related to risk of prostate cancer.

Actually, the benefit was also more linked with ejaculations prior to the age of forty. That is, the data put forward that it is more influential for young men to ejaculate more frequently than for older men. The researchers took into consideration other factors like obesity and the amount of physical exercise. For example, a number of men who exercise regularly also have sex more often. When these men fail to grow prostate cancer, the data have to be adjusted in order that the benefit from the exercise and the benefit from the ejaculations are settled on separately.

However, as concerns prostate cancer and ejaculation, high frequency of ejaculations was linked to reduced risk of total disease. "A 2008 study proved that men who engaged in frequent masturbation, of roughly two to seven times a week, at the ages of 20s and 30s, had a higher rate of the cancer, at the same time as men who engaged in frequent masturbation, once a week, at the age of 50s had a lower rate.

In fact, in addition ejaculation, there are some other ways that can avoid prostate cancer:
1. regular rectal exams if you're over 50
2. keep away from fatty foods and red meat
3. drink a lot of clean water every day
4. take saw palmetto on a daily basis to avoid having an enlarged prostate.
5. keep away from obesity – exercise on a regular basis
6. get your anti-oxidants-eat your fruits and also vegetables

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