Rabbit Hunting Tips

Old Elmer Fudd had a tough time whenever he went rabbit hunting. This carries over to the real world because rabbit hunting can be very difficult, especially because they are very skittish, fast moving creatures. However, being armed with a few rabbit hunting tips, you might have just a bit more success than our old friend Elmer Fudd.

The first thing to know is that rabbits are usually on the move around sunrise and sunset. A good hunter knows that this is the proper time to go hunting. It is very helpful to have a hunting dog to go into underbrush and flush them out. Then the true measure of a rabbit hunter is tested because, once on the move, they are very fast creatures.

Rabbit hunting can also depend on the season and weather found in an endemic area. Rabbits, for whatever reason, usually come out of hiding on cold, dreary days. A good rule of thumb to remember when hunting for rabbits is that the more miserable the conditions outside, the more likely a hunter is to bag a rabbit.

When on a rabbit hunting expedition, one of the key factors in getting a kill is spotting a rabbit before it spots you. The hunter must pay close attention to the area being hunted, because some rabbits blend in and freeze in times of trouble. Sometimes hunters will walk right by one, so a person on the hunt must keep an active 360-degree lookout for rabbits.

If a hunter is a sure shot, it will make hunting for rabbits much easier. If you find that you are missing more often than not, get to the range and practice. It is important to know your surroundings and be extremely quiet when moving so as to not alert the rabbit to your surroundings. Follow all of these rabbit hunting tips, and you will have one on the table for dinner in no time.

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