Some Unusual Singing Jobs

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Even though there are many famous singers that earn high pay, there are those that struggle in the singing field to "make a living". Copious amounts of time is undertaking by these struggling singers to book singing engagements along with other part-time jobs.

Many singers find other kinds of singing jobs to enable them to earn a little money. These singing jobs include:


Buskers are otherwise known as minstrels or bards, sidewalk musicians, street musicians, subway musicians, traveling musicians etc.

Some avenues that you are more than likely to see busker present at would include: bus depots, fairs, feet, parks, shopping centers, sidewalks, subways, street corners, train stations, and any open spaces where there is a sufficient flow of traffic in the hope that they will find interested receptions and donations falling into their hats.


Deputizing refers to "filling in" singing or acting jobs, or acting as an "understudy" for another contracted singers in their musical engagements, at the times when they are unable to perform.

Session Singer

Session singers are highly skilled vocalists and professional. They generally have a solo career, are hired in a "contractual period", generally have one performance, one track etc., of any style of music, primarily for the purpose of recording.

It is extremely important that they can work well with other singers without the need to rehearse and sight read, even though many session singers simply work by ear.

Session singers are more often than not self employed, which means that they do not possess an ongoing recording contract, and record companies who employ them do not provide a contract. They are simply paid by "sessions".

Session singers must possess essential qualities including an excellent vocal ability, a capacity to work on a range of musical styles, and be reliable.

Tribute Singers

Tribute singers are also considered as being soundalikes, impersonators, and look-alikes. They are singers or singing bands that perform on stage imitating popular celebrities and famous bands.

Tribute singers, to put it simply, copy the movements, playing styles, and image of their chosen artist or band and perform several songs of that particular artist 'repertoire.

Being a tribute act is an extremely popular career option for many singers, especially those who tribute to famous artists such as Elvis Presley, Madonna, Prince, Kiss etc. These famous artists are imitated by tribute acts at corporate functions and talent competitions.

The competition to get a singing job is very strong. Your talent alone can guarantee your success. It is very glamorous to have a singing job, and they can offer high pay which is why so many singers want them.

Therefore, in order to obtain a singing career, or any career for that matter, you need motivation, persistence, and a great deal of luck. A small number of individuals earn a sufficient amount of money in order to support themselves.

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