Top Ten Tips For Attaining Happily Ever After

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If you're reading this you, like millions of others, desire a lifetime of loving love! Have no fear, happily ever after is attainable! I regularly watch couples create it! How is it created? Through hard work, patience, sacrifice, compromise, negotiation, commitment, humor and a willingness to forgive – a little bit different than the way it magically appears in the movies!

The following are tips for helping you in your quest for happily ever after:

10) Make a list of 10 things you love about your spouse. While you may occasionally forget why you married the love of your life, there were specific reasons! As opposed to a healthy marriage where couples dwell on their spouse's strengths, in troubled relationships, thoughts about our spouse are negatively skewed. Keep a top ten list, read it regularly, and when you get mad, remind yourself, "It's a good thing I love xyz, otherwise we've got a real problem!"

9) Understand that love has phases. When you marry you're in the romantic phase of love that feels incredible! Enjoy it as long as it lasts which is typically one week to two years after you marry, but do not hold it out as the standard for "real" love. It's the period designed to "glue" your hearts together and create a separate unit from the rest of the world. Once it's job is done, the romantic phase of love must die for "real" love to emerge. While it's not as flashy, those who achieve it report it as being infinitely more satisfying.

8) Recognize that love is a choice and an action, not a feeling. Enjoy the inoxicating feelings of love when they are present, but understand that love is not static and needs attention. Understanding that love is a choice empowers us to consider that our spouse's needs to be equally important to our own. If you want to attain happily ever after, act in a loving manner even when you do not feel loved or loving. Bottom line: love is a daily choice, involves action and does not always feel good! Ouch!

7) Nip problems in the bud, before you get really upset and they take root. Even though talking about "concerns" takes energy and is not always pleasant, when you work through conflict you build greater trust, love and intimidation! Talking through problems is easiest when they are little and occurring for the first time as it allows us to address things civilly and productively. If you let things build up, you're going to blow sometime and I pity who is in your way when you do.

6) Avoid using "always" and "never". Trust me; you'll no longer be arguing about your concern, but about how often and when! Stick to the present concern and set yourself up for a productive argument.

5) Realize if one party has a problem, the marriage has a problem. In today's world, it's easy to shrug our shoulders and say, "Not my problem" and discount our spouse's needs and wants. Those who attain happily ever after recognize that if either partner has a problem, the marriage has a problem that needs to be addressed. Work things out so that both of your needs are getting met and either of you is left feeling taken advantage of or frustrated. Fight for your marriage – you're on the same team!

4) Negotiate win-win solutions. If you want happily ever after, you've got to learn how to work together, ensuring that both of your needs are getting met and that none of you is consistently giving in to get along. In unhealthy relationships, one partner usually wins at the other partners expense. How wonderful to be the one who consistently gets what they want. When you engage in negotiation, you will not get everything you want, but you and your partner will both feel valued and respected. Remember, if one regularly wins at the expense of the other, huge problems will develop over time.

3) Remember that love waxes and wanes, just like the moon. Enjoy the full periods when love feels great! Use the waving times as motivation to figure out what you need to do to reconnect and take your relationship to the next level. If you're bored, work together to find something new that both of you can enjoy. If you no longer have dreams or goals as a couple, create new ones. Add some spice and excitation if your marriage or life feels mundane. Commitment is the glue that will pull your through the low times, do not ever lose it!

2) Avoid maritime terrorism. Never threaten divorce, even if it does sound like an attractive option! Additionally, avoid leaving your partner in anger without letting them know where you're going and when you'll be back. Lastly, never withhold sex as a punishment or use it to manipulate your partner into giving you what you want. If you want happily ever after, you must create a safe place for love to grow where either of you feel manipulated or fearful.

1) Pray together daily. Those who are not spiritual may scoff, but the divorce rate for couple's who pray together daily is less than 1%! That's impressive in a society where the divorce rate hovers at 50%! Why does praying together help? Beyond receiving help from a powerful source, praying with and for your spouse is intimate and bonds couples in very unique way.

Happily ever after is attainable, but in real life it does not occur on its own. Engaging in the above tips will improve your interactions, increase your feelings of love and enhance your ability to work together as a couple. I applaud you as you work toward becoming the type of couple that others envy!

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