When My Good Companion Became Bad

Adrenaline and testosterone are energy hormones that are produced and released in the body. They play an important role in keeping the bodily system healthy and functional. They are essential to life itself and survival would be difficult without them. Specifically, these hormones give us the energy to move, think, and perform daily activities. Males in general have more of these hormones and this is one of the reasons why they tend to be physically stronger than their female counterparts.

Adrenaline and testosterone are neutralized through physical movements.Their direction goes where it is needed by the body and is largely neutralized by moving parts such as our legs, arms and trunk. However, some adrenaline and testosterone hormones do not get neutralized via bodily activities that they can become excess hormones and get directed towards the brain. These excess hormones can turn into stress hormones when not dealt with accordingly. Fortunately, excess adrenaline and testosterone can be neutralized when the body is a rest such as when sleeping or relaxing.

Typically, excess hormones are eliminated or reduced into a very minimal amount after rest, but in many cases, excess hormones are still in abundance even after rest. These excess amounts are carried over the following day. Examples of different scenarios where excess amounts of adrenaline and testosterone can go up to the head are during fight and flight situations, arousal (such as in sex and masturbation), intense emotional states (anger, hatred, annoy, fear, worry, anxiety, excitement, loneliness, depression and other negative feelings), activities requiring deep thinking and others.

These situations tend to affect the direction and normal flow of adrenaline and testosterone which is supposed to get directed largely towards the body’s moving parts and less towards the head. When there is a highly excessive presence of adrenaline and testosterone in the body, health problems such as the development of illnesses can arise. A „blocking effect” can likewise result where the excess hormones block the newly produced hormones as they are emitted.

For example, in the case of adrenaline, it is a type of hormone that has a significant effect on one’s blood pressure. In the presence of excessive adrenaline in the blood, hypertension can occur due to the blocking effect where the newly produced adrenaline hormones will get blocked by the excess hormones. When a large amount of adrenaline is blocked, it can lead to a stroke or the rupturing of sensitive veins. Excess adrenaline can also put the body’s organs in hyper mode which may eventually lead to its malfunction.

As for testosterone, one function of this hormone is to facilitate the development of muscles – creating tissue to build muscles. But due to the complication brought about by the „blocking effect”, the newly produced testosterone can push the excess testosterone towards some unwanted places in the body. And when it accumulates excessively in that particular area, it can produce a muscular tissue that can turn into a tumor. Excess testosterone, when goes up to the head surface, can result in hair loss (just like what I have experienced).

The hormones adrenaline and testosterone provide a strong support system for the body and life in general. But when too much of these are not properly neutralized, they can turn into the body’s formidable enemies. It can become a ball of energy for destruction. It can accelerate the aging process, produce pain, and degeneration. It can also lead into many illnesses like cancer, a tumor, body organs malfunction, hair loss and many others.

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