Work At Home Childcare Problems – 4 Creative Tips To Solve Your Home Based Business Childcare Woes

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When working from home there is always the problems faced of balancing business and family time.

Perhaps you are thinking of approaching your living working at home. It is a good bet to prepare for the situations when the decision comes to give more time to the business than your family and arranging for childcare could be an answer for you to focus on your business so you have more quality time with your family without any business activities clash with your family life.

If you allow either to clash then you can not focus to get the job done. Women are famous for multi-tasking but the truth is very rarely does this technique of trying to do one thing while trying to perform another task succeeds.

So you struggle to get on with those important tasks your business requires to be done and all the while your income goes down as well as the risk of not maintaining your families needs.

Here are 4 creative tips to solve your child care dilemmas

1. If your work is involved in direct sales, then often you will be faced with difficulties with childcare. For instance, you will know that a main portion of direct sales in conducting sales presentations, or perhaps you take part in party planning, it would be most beneficial to schedule a time when someone, perhaps a partner can look after the children.

But sometimes this is not possible. There comes a time when your partner can not make the schedule because of work commitments or what about if you're a lone parent?

There are solutions. For example: You could hire a local high school student to come to the party and be a nanny there and then.

Its a good idea to check with the hostess first, but she may well love the idea, since a sitter is already arranged to look after their children and your customers may more likely to come to the party and that can mean a bigger profits for you .

2. Childcare Group

Perhaps you only need a sitter once in a while. How about setting up a childcare group?

A neighbor, a friend or family member can be designated as a sitter on a particular time on a certain day or sometimes a whole month.

The way it works: Any mom requiring a sitter for the day in mind, simply drops of their children at the sitters home.

The children are then safe. Playing with each other and learning social skills of interaction, while at the same time each mom does not have to worry or pay grossly excessive fees for childcare.

3. Checkout Mom's Day Out Service

This service may be available from your place of worship. It works simply by dropping off your child for a few hours per day.

This service may require a small service, but sometimes it provided for free.

Check with you local library they may provide "story hours," you just drop off you kids and listen to children's story's that is read by the librarian.

There the children can play games, take part in activities or try their hand at some crafts and all the while develop their social skills.

4. Hire a neighborhood teenager

When you need quiet time, your kids can play with the teenager while your working in your office uninterrupted.

In case something should happen your still there to take control of the situation.

Other ideas …

Perhaps you can barter with one of your friends or family to help watch your children and in return you may offer your product or service. They may jump at the offer!


There will be times when working at home does not need mean more time with your kids. Just do not feel guilty because of the prospect of having to use a part time day care service of some kind.

Sometimes you just need to focus totally at the business, and leverage your you're your business task. When the job is done, you'll be reward with 100% quality time with your children and partner.

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