Your Home-Based Business Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

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When someone says they are "in it to win it," it usually means they are in it for the "long haul." The thing is, you have taken the time and made the effort to gain all you can from your internet marketing education, now is the time to invest in that and watch for the results. Even those who know they will be a millionaire from it realize it is still a marathon, not a sprint.

Athletes Train Daily

Sure, this means for those who sprint or run marathons. Either way, they are not resting on their laurels and planning to just show up the day of the race and be able to give their best. So should you. You invest your daily activity, set a schedule, make a plan, organize and set goals to get through the long marathon ahead. You can still see success along the way; you just have to be willing to keep going the distance. A burst of speed that puts you in the front of the pack does not absolutely promise you a continued strong lead along the way. Keep it steady along the way with some extra moments of extra hard work.

Sprints versus Marathons

You know what was a sprint? That job you were unsatisfied with, working under a boss who was not exactly the most supportive trainer or coach, that was a sprint. Each day you went in, cave it all, only to feel you came out in last place. Then, the next day, you ran that sprint again.

Probably, you even had some good days that you completed something that made you feel as though you placed first in the sprint that day. Unfortunately, when the majority of days end up leaving you feel like the loser of the sprint, there is not enough motivation to want to keep burning that energy for someone else's gain.

The marathon, on the other hand, started with you firing that boss. From there, it was you working alone with your new career as the boss behind your own home-based business. It meant having to be more determined to follow through and be in for that long haul. It also means seeing the promise of so many more rewards for taking the training and taking off from that starting line.

Remember though, it does keep going. Because, even if you put all the work into becoming an automatic millionaire and become one of the 100 millionaires by 2012, you still have to strive for more. The race does not end there. Your burst of energy and ability to get ahead in the race still does not mean you have crossed the finish line, or are even at it.

Run that marathon and Play Your Best Game .

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